As a friend or relative, the hardest thing to do is to watch a loved one suffering. The problem with many personal and psychological issues is that the person suffering from them is often the last to know or acknowledge their problem.

From the perspective of an experienced and qualified counsellor, I know only too well that the behaviour of one person can have a dramatic effect on those around them, and it is my aim to treat the entire social group through treating the individual patient.

The problem, of course is that counselling Wickham is only beneficial to a person who is willing to seek help and advice. This is much easier than in the past because the stigma of many diseases such as depression, bipolar disorder or addiction no longer exists. However, it may still be difficult to try to persuade a reluctant person to seek my help.

The first thing to remember as you try to advise a friend or loved one to seek counselling is that whilst it is possible to lead a horse to water, it is not possible to make them drink. You must take care of yourself during the situation and try not to put pressure on yourself. Becoming too emotionally involved can be draining on you and as part of the support structure for your loved one, your strength and health will be important to them.

The key is to try to get the person in question to realise for themselves that they should seek help. You can of course try to facilitate this realisation but in forcing the issue you may isolate them and this is counterproductive. Instead, mention the changes you have noticed and ask if they have noticed any for themselves. Discuss their feelings and try to make the prospect of seeking counselling Wickham as pleasant as possible. Try to remain patient and reassure them that you are only speaking or acting out of love.

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